How to be a good host


Make sure everyone feels comfortable
Great everyone when they come, present uknown people to each other, make sure everyone have a place to sit or a place to stand while mingling and so on. If you are hosting a dinner party you should place people so that you know everyone will feel comfortable with the people they sit next to.

Give your guest a welcome drink
It’s always nice to give a little drink to your guests when they arrive. You can do this super easy if you want, a glass of sparkling wine is perfectly good! If you want to impress with something different, you can always make your own signature cocktail or maybe one of these summerly drinks.

Offer your guests something to eat
Even if it’s just something simple like potato chips or fruit, you should always offer your guests something to eat. If you want to serve something more, but still something simple, you can make finger foods like focaccia bread, veggies and dip, chicken skewers with peanut sauce and sushi. There will come an own post about this soon.

Arrange suitable activities for the occasion
Is it a party? Then maybe you should arrange a fun drinking game. And if your guests don’t know each other, maybe you can arrange a game where they can get to know each other better. In more formal occasions you can arrange a quiz, and in the summer you can arrange fun competitions outside.

Have a good mood and
The most important thing is without doubt to have fun and be in a good mood. Your mood will infect your guests, so don’t be stressed and don’t worry too much, just relax and have a good time with your friends!

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