Small changes to save the environment

The way we live today isn’t very sustainable, but fortunately there are several small changes we can do every day to make it a bit better. Actually we need to do these changes, or at least be much more conscious about it.

I am fully aware that these things may seem tough and unnecessary, but they’re really not. And you don’t have to follow them completely right away, but I think you will do good to the environment by adding some (or preferably all) of these changes to your life.


Eat less meat
You don’t have to become vegetarian or vegan, but cutting the intake of meat and dairy products are one of the best ways to save the environment. Start by adding meat free days every week, and you’ll soon find out that there is an ocean of good and exciting food that doesn’t need meat and dairy products.

Use less plastic
This is serious, we need to cut down our use of plastic drastically. Luckily there are simple changes needed to get there! Bring a shopping bag of fabric when shopping groceries and don’t put fruit and veggies in plastic bags, it’s not necessary. At home you can use plastic bags with zip-locks instead of regular plastic bags – just wash them and reuse.

It’s simple, just recycle your garbage – plastic, foods, bottles and so on.

Use public transport – or walk/ride a bike
You don’t need to drive your car everywhere you’re going. Take the bus, tram or train. It’s usually cheap and fast. And if you don’t want that, then walk or ride a bike. If you’re going far then consider which transportation that is better. Train is better for the environment then car and airplanes, and cruises are an environment offender.

Don’t use and throw 
Think about where you go shopping, where the production of the products are placed and so on. Try to find local products and/or products made under sustainable conditions. The same goes for groceries. Do not by more than you need, and try to throw away as little as possible. It can be hard in a busy everyday, but it’s all about planning. And if you can, buy local food.

Use thermo cups instead of paper cups 
If you know you’re having a coffee to go you can bring your own thermo cup instead of using a paper cup from the café. If you use the paper cup anyway, remember to recycle it! The top in the plastic waste and the cup in the paper waste.

Do you have any other ideas for changes we can make to save the environment? Comment below!

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