Week of outfits: Anja Catrine Venås

Week of outfits is a new column here on Urban Twenties. Every other week we will post outfits of an inspirational woman. If you want to be featured in this column you can send us an email through the ‘contact’ tab on the top of the site.

This time we present to you Anja Catrine Venås. She is 22 (soon 23) years old and is currently living in Oslo where she is a blogger and studies PR and Marketing Communications. Meet her on social media: @xanjac and www.xanjac.com

What is your favorite piece of clothing right now?
– A white, romantic summer dress from Nelly with long arms!! (The one on the flower picture) Just look at it! I got sooo many compliments when I wore it and I felt like it fitted me perfectly.

What is your best buy ever?
– It got to be my white Nike Air Force 1. I wore them until they were completely worn out – literarily. They barely hung together when I had to say goodbye to my favorite shoes. Unfortunately, I’ve never gotten myself to buy new ones.

What is your go to-outfit?
– Is it allowed to say a hoodie?? I feel really well in hoodies – no matter the season (of course it gets a bit warm in the summer, but I always try). You can style a hoodie up and down as you want. I can go to school with hoodie, jeans and flats, but also go to a party with hoodie, skirt and heels.

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