20 things every urban girl should do in their 20’s


The twenties are probably the best years of our lives. We are young, still a bit wild and more or less free. We have less obligations and less responsibility, but we’re still adults. We can make our own decisions, do stupid things, stay up all night, party too much, be too relaxed, work on our careers, have flings, get in love, hang out with friends …

The point is, we can (more or less) do whatever we want in our twenties! But here’s a list of what we SHOULD do in these glory years:

1. Travel the world
2. Say yes more than no
3. Be a bit selfish, do what YOU want
4. Do something that scares you
5. Move to a new city – or even better, a new country!
6. Go on a crazy girls-trip
7. Work for someone you admire
8. Try gambling – Hello, Vegas!
9. Challenge your culinary skills
10. Have your portrait taken
11. Take care of your body
12. Start networking
13. Go to concerts
14. Get outside more
15. Don’t stress yourself out
16. Be passionate
17. Work hard, play hard – find the balance
18. Spend time with friends
19. Take risks
20. Find your home

(Oh! And don’t dread your 30s. I think they’re pretty awesome too!)

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