Week of Outfits: Karoline Smådal

Week of outfits is a column here on Urban Twenties, where we every other week will post outfits of an inspirational woman. If you want to be featured in this column you can send us an email through the ‘contact’ tab on the top of the site.

This week we are featuring Karoline Smådal. She is 22 years old and lives in Oslo where she works as a PR Consultant at This is PR. I did an interview with her for so/ambitious magazine, where you can read all about her. Read it here. Meet Karoline on social media: @karolinesmadal

What is your favorite piece of clothing right now?
– Right now it has to be the blue dress from Birgitte Herskind (in the first picture). In my eyes a dress like that is the perfect piece to throw on whenever you would like to feel a bit effortless, with a pair of sneakers and a purse. In addition, you can wear it both in the everyday and to parties, which I love.

What is your best buy ever?
– Hmm… Good question! I think it have to be my green J.W. Anderson purse. I bought it at a 60% discount (what a bargain!). It is so timeless that it will probably be with me for ever. It’s not important for me to buy the most expensive purses, but this was my first designer bag that i invested in.

What is your go to-outfit?
– The piece I’ve worn the most is a wrap skirt from Ganni. I’ve worn it so much that I at one point considered to sell it just so I wouldn’t use it anymore. Haha. A typical Karoline go-to-outfit is that skirt, a white tee, sneakers and my Tom Wood rings (I wear them every day). Then I’m ready for everything!

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