10 things we learned from Carrie Bradshaw

1. Sometimes it actually is better to stay home …


2. And sometimes we need to be alone. That’s okay!


3. Be yourself, even if you seem a bit bitchy at times.


4. Friendships are forever and we need to take good care of them.

carrie bradshaw quotes (16)

5. Even Carrie Bradshaw sometimes felt she was barely living. We all will sometimes, but that doesn’t mean it’s true, it just means that our priorities and needs at that point is different. And that will change again.


6. Sometimes our passions feed us more than food ever will, and we have to give in and feed on all the information and inspiration there is to find.


7. We need to love ourself before we can love someone else. 


8. Don’t let yourself be tamed, not everyone is meant to be. Do your own thing, the right person will find you along the way and run by your side.


9. How they treat you is how they feel about you!! Don’t give people too many chances …


10. There is a constant war between emotions and logic. We just need to be aware of them both and try to make the best choice possible.


Did you learn something new from Bradshaw?

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