How I take and edit my Instagram photos


Every time I take a picture for Instagram I try to make sure the photo capture something real. A real setting and situation. For me it’s important to take pictures that looks natural, and that reflect the things I actually do. I never fake a picture in that way that I wear clothes and do things just for the picture.

I always make a vision of how I want the picture before I take it. In that way I can try out different angles, lighting etc. to get the best picture that I’ve visioned. When I get my friends to take photos of me, I always tell them where to stand, how I want the picture and which angles I would like it from. But I also ask them what they think, how the picture looks and how it can be better. Two minds think greater than one.

When I take pictures of the nature the lighting is EVERYTHING for me. The lighting is generally super important to get a good shot, but nature photos gets ten times better when the light is special. It can be a sunset, the yellow evening sun, the flare of the sun through the trees or something like that. When I take portraits or shots of different objects I always try to take the picture two ways: with the sun behind and in front of the camera/object. That way I easily see see what’s better.


When I edit my photos I consider two things: The theme of my Instagram page and the image itself. You can’t edit every picture the same, so I always try to get the most out of the picture I have, but at the same time trying to hold on to the colors and theme on my page.

I usually use Lightroom and Instagram to edit my photos. On my personal account @saraholmberg I usually use the filter ‘Ludwig’. I like the mood the filter sets. If the lighting is bad I always edit the lighting in Lightroom, same with colors. On Urban Twenties account @urbantwentiesmag I usually use the filter ‘Juno’, because it preserves the colors better, and I mostly post travel photos at this account. Ps. I always change how strong I want the filter to be. If there’s anything special I want to edit, I also use other apps. I will soon make an own article about all the apps I use and love!

The most important things I consider when I take and edit my Instagram photos:

Real situations
Deciding what in the photo I will focus on
Lightroom and Instagram to edit
Colors on my profile
Theme on my profile

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