6 reasons why you should visit Sicily


The clear, blue water.
Sicily is surrounded by the clearest blue water, it really is beautiful. Find hidden beaches and bays, and chech out some of the caves on the island.


The charming Italian cities, like Catania
Catania is the second biggest city on Sicily and offers shopping, restaurants, cafés and history. Other cities you should visit are Palermo, Syracuse, Agrigento, Messina and Cefalú …


… And Taormina!
A beautiful city (with big capitals!) in the mountains with a sick view, narrow streets, lots of flowers and beautiful buildings – and much more!


Europe’s biggest, active volcano. A really cool way to spend your day. Take a bus in beautiful environments up the mountains, before you reach the volcano. Feel the hot stones, watch the view and if you’re lucky, see some lava.


Magical places with old buildings and green plants
There are so many wonderful places to see and take pictures of.


Italian charm with narrow streets, arts, small balcony’s with lots of flowers and fresh fruit.
I don’t really need to say anything else. THE CHARM GUYS, I love it.

Let’s add a seventh one:


GELATO! The best thing in this world, am I right?
And the Italian food in general of course. A reason itself to travel to Italy ❤

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