10 things to stop feeling bad about in your 20’s

Asking for help when you need it
Admit it, we all resent asking for help. We want to do it all by our selves, we want to show everyone how adult and independent we are. But there’s actually no shame in asking for help. Our parents, for example. They’re older, smarter and more reflected than us, and they have also been exactly where we are. Call your mom if you don’t understand a bill or ask your dad for help to fix your car. You’re still independent.

Using your money on all and nothing
Sure, it’s always a good idea to save money for the future, and we all should. But if there’s any time we have the opportunity to use our money on exactly what we want, it’s now. Travel as much as possible, eat good food, buy a new dress, do fun activities, go to the movies a lot. Use money on things that make you happy and make you feel alive. As older we get, we will need to use our money more wisely.

Being selfish
We are young, wild and free. Do things for YOU, follow your dreams and be a little bit selfish. It’s important to use our twenties to do everything we want and everything we love. There will come a day when you don’t have the same opportunities to do things for yourself only.

Your relationship status
Don’t feel bad about being single, and don’t freak out if you’re in a relationship. These are the times to figure out what we want, to date (a lot!), to have fun, meet new people, and figure out what and who we want. We are young enough to love and enjoy the single life, and old enough for it to be okay to be settled. How awesome is that?

Changing career path
Are you feeling bad about changing your courses in Uni? Or are you considering changing career or job? Don’t feel bad about it. We have so much time to figure out what we want. Try a new path, do something entirely else, and follow your dreams.

Saying no
I don’t know about you, but I often feel like I have to say yes to everything, do everything and join everything. Either if it’s at work, with friends or with family. The reality is that it is totally fine to say no, and no one should feel bad about staying in alone a night or saying no at work because you’re work amount already is way too much.

Loosing touch with friends
In our twenties we usually grow a lot and shape ourselves. Therefore, it is normal to loose contact with some friends. You loose some and you gain some. That’s how life works, you keep in touch with the people who’s like you and who give you a lot in your life.

Not replying to messages right away
And in general not being ‘on’ on social media all the time. It is okay to have pauses and to be offline. Actually, we should all be more offline and be more present. Put that phone away!

Sleeping in instead of being productive
Seriously, it is okay to sleep in sometimes!! Our body need to relax and sleep too, and with so many things going on in life in our twenties it is okay to sleep in instead of waking up before the sun to be productive.

Not following the timeline you set for yourself
When I was a teenager I had my whole life planned out. I was going to be a mom at the age of 24, live a regular life with a 8-4 job, a man and a dog. Wow, how it all has changed. You can’t plan life, it just happens. And that is actually the best part of life. We never know what will happen, isn’t that just really exciting?

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