How to get the Christmas spirit

It’s finally December, the coziests time of the year. This month often flies by, and before you know it, Christmas is over. That’s why it’s so important to not waste any time to get that holiday spirit and joy. Here are some things you can do to really feel the Christmas spirit flowing in your body.

Listen to Christmas music
Every day! It just gets you in the mood. You can make your own list, or you can try this December Playlist or this Christmas Playlist.

Put up the Christmas lights, candles and cute decorations that reminds you that it’s Christmas every day. Don’t forget the Christmas tree!

Bake Christmas cookies
Let the house smell of delicious spices and cookies. Bake your favorites, but gingerbread cookies are a must for the ultimate holiday spirit.

Have a Christmas workshop
Gather your friends, put on the best Christmas music and have a workshop together. Decorate gingerbread houses, make Christmas cards, wrap the gifts in a decorative way and bake. Only your imagination sets limits for what you can do.

Watch all the Christmas movies
We all have some favorites, and there’s always the classics that needs to be watched. But there has come some new ones too lately. Don’t waste your time, watch them all! (Preferrably accompanied some cookies and hot chocolate:)

Go to Christmas markeds
Nothing screams Christmas like a marked; full of gifts, sweets, hot chocolate, lights and Christmas joy.

Seek the Christmas
Go to places you know you will feel the Christmas spirit. Take a walk with a Chai Latte in your hand, go to watch the Christmas tree with lights in the city center, go gift-shopping, or travel to where there’s snow.

Spend time with your loved ones
The Christmas holiday is a special time, where family-time should be prioritized. Bring your family and friends together for lovely food and celebrations.

Get that cooking going
Use your holidays in the kitchen. Making food is a social activity that all the members of the family or friend group can enjoy together. Make your favorite food for the season, whether it be turkey, pizza or traditional Christmas food. 

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