6 reasons why you should visit Marrakech

All the colors and patterns

Marrakech offers every color and pattern there is. You’ll find it on tiles, furniture, interior, scarfs, shoes, buildings and more. It’s a perfect city for you who is interested in fashion and interior – which leads me over to the next point. 

A new culture

Morocco is a Muslim country, and they live quite different from us in north. That applies to everything from how they work, to their view of women, to food, music and alcohol. For example, you should respect their culture by dressing appropriate, and only a few places sell alcohol. You won’t find food of pork either. 

All the nice interior and fashion

The city is known for its interior, including beautiful lamps, carpets and vases – to name something. It is so much beautiful to choose between, and it’s hard not to pack the suitcase with gorgeous interior. Marrakech is also a city that through times has inspired fashion a lot. The YSL-museum opened in Marrakech to honor the designer Yves Saint Laurent and the city that inspired him so much. If that weren’t enough, workers from the Atlas mountains are bringing fresh wool to the city, where it get colored in every possible color. It’s worth checking out how the things you buy actually get’s made. 

The food

Totally freshly squeezed orange juice, mint tea, Moroccan panecakes, pastilla, tagine… You name it! This country know their food, and it’s a must to try it all out when you’re there.

All the cool stuff worth checking out nearby

Morocco has much more to offer than Marrakech. Near by the capital you’ll find the Atlas mountaint and the Sahara dessert – both worth checking out. If you’re more interested in the ocean, you can travel a couple of hours to the coast where you can surf and relax on the beach.

The sunsets

To watch the sunset over Marrakech fra a rooftop is worth the trip alone. The whole city turns pink, and every color gets strengthened. It’s a magical sight. Enjoy the sunset from one of the city’s many rooftops with a virgin mojito (it’s the best you’ll ever taste!)

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