Sicily’s treasure: Taormina

Taormina, Sicily, Italy

Imagine narrow streets with brick buildings and beautiful architecture on both sides, that opens up to a big square with beautiful old churches and an amazing view over the ocean. In every street youl’ll find fashion boutiques, local food stores, art and even more narrow streets. There are coffee shops, restaurants and kiosks that sell homemade ice cream on a stick. You’ll even find small trucks full of fresh fruit. The sun is shining through the buildings and it’s flowers everywhere. Further down you’ll find beautiful parks with trees, plants and even older buildings – and it’s an endless view over the ocean.

Only a gondola or bus tour away is the beach and the turquoise water. It’s possible to book a trip to Europa’s only active volcano, Etna (except for the ones on Iceland). The God Father was shot here as well, in this beautiful Italian landscape. 

I’m talking about the city Taormina, on the island Sicily. It’s maybe one of the pretties cities I’ve ever been to. The city is pretty small and is located up in the mountains, but it got more to offer than you’ll think at first sight. You just have to walk up and down and through every narrow street and every long stair – even though you have no idea where you’ll end up. And when you are tired, you can just sit down with a gelato and a cappuccino.

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