The most Instagrammable places in San Diego

The La Jolla coastal path

The coastal path from La Jolla Beach to La Jolla is amazing. Right below the only bridge, you’ll find this little paradise – filled with palm trees, a beautiful view and a charming swing. Instagram friendly? I think so!

The boardwalk and pier at Pacific Beach 

Pacific Beach and Mission Beach goes a bit hand-in-hand, but they are perhaps the most beautiful beaches in San Diego. On the Pacific-side there is a long pier stretching out in the ocean, with super cute small and white houses at the beginning, and a bunch of fishermen at the end. You can get a lot of nice pictures on this spot! The boardwalk is also fantastic, with super nice houses along the whole way, and the white beach and ocean on the opposite side. 

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach can at first seem a bit run down, but there are some really cool places there – like the van above. Right beside this van there is a restaurant that looks just the same. How cool?! Ocean Beach has a lot of cool and different places to take good pictures. 

The marina in Downtown

The light by the marina when the sun soon are going down is the most beautiful. Like you can see in the picture above to the left, the sky turns pink before it gets more and more orange and yellow. At the end you can see a golden, yellow sun go down behind the island Coronado Island. It’s a beautiful sight, but also a perfekt light to take good pictures. 

Sunset Cliffs

The name says it all. At this spot you can watch the most beautiful sundowns lower in the ocean. Decidedly an amazing sight for the eye, and gold for the camera lens!

La Jolla – Bobboi Natural Gelato

Nothing is better than tempting all your Instagram followers with the best ice cream in the world. You’ll find it at La Jolla. I’ll post an own article about this place soon.

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